It looks like there actually was a change log for BlackBerry Messenger after all…

  • Backup and restore – The option to automatically save your contact list to your device or media card when your contact list changes is on by default.
  • Chats –  You can do the following:
    • View larger versions of pictures that you receive.
    • Reply to voice notes by sending your own voice note.
    • Clear draft messages from the chat field by pressing and holding the Shift key and the Delete key in an existing chat.
  • Contact list screen – You can change the spacing of your contact list to a one-line format. Also, the layout of menu items has been improved to be shorter and easier to navigate.
  • Text messaging – If you’re using BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later, you can change options so that you receive text messages in BlackBerry Messenger from BlackBerry Messenger contacts who are linked with a phone number in the Contacts application.

RIM also fixed the following issues:

  • If you clicked a chat in the Messages application, it might have taken a long time for the chat to open.
  • In some cases, after you clicked Send > Voice Note, it might have taken a long time for the voice note to start recording and an error message might have appeared.
  • In group chats, the Copy and Paste menu items might have been missing for devices with a touch screen.
  • If you tried to switch chats by sliding your finger quickly across a device with a touch screen, a new chat might have been opened with the contact.
  • After you pressed the Escape key while playing a video, you might not have been able to scan a barcode.
  • If you tried to update BlackBerry Messenger but the download was interrupted, such as if you cancelled the download, BlackBerry Messenger might no longer have appeared on your device. After downloading BlackBerry Messenger again, your contacts might not have been automatically restored by a local backup file.

There are also these known issues:

  • You cannot send files to contacts in a multiperson chat.
    Workaround: You can send files to contacts individually or you can share pictures within a group.
  • Emoticons, including flags, that are in a contact or member’s display name might not appear correctly outside of chats and group chats.
  • If a member shares a picture after the picture limit for the group has been reached, the picture replaces an older one but the picture counter might incorrectly update to one more than the group limit.
  • If you set the option in a group to save pictures that members share to a media card, and if you share a picture with the group from the Camera application,
    an extra copy of the picture might appear on your media card.
    Workaround: You can share pictures from the pictures section of a group.
  • If you share an existing appointment with a group, a duplicate appointment appears in the Calendar application on your device.
    Workaround: To avoid duplicate calendar entries, you can create an appointment from within a group and share it with members.
  • If you click View Calendar from a group update, the calendar incorrectly displays today’s date.
  • If you register an email address that uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server with BlackBerry Messenger, wipe your device, add new contacts or groups, and register the email address with BlackBerry Messenger again, your previous groups might not be recovered.
    Workaround: You can try asking a person from the group to remove you from the group and re-invite you.

[Via BerryReview]