UPDATE:  Download BlackBerry Media Sync

Remember BlackBerry Media Sync, the new feature coming in BlackBerry OS 4.6 that will makes its debut on the BlackBerry Bold? The big to do was that BlackBerry Media Sync will have iTunes support.

Well, so long as you don’t plan on viewing or listening to anything that you download from iTunes with Digital Rights Management (DRM), you will be good to go. As I suspected, BlackBerry Media Sync can’t get around DRM.

I started to name this post BlackBerry Media Sync: iTunes Support All But Useless, however, after thinking about it, felt that this would be kind of harsh. I guess that there is a lot of stuff that I have in iTunes that is not DRM protected and if BlackBerry Media Sync makes it easy to get some of this content onto my BlackBerry, there is a chance that I would actually listen to a podcast here or there.

What would really be nice is if you could create a Macro in BlackBerry Media Sync that would allow you to take DRM protected files, burn them to a CD (data file) then rip the CD file back to MP3 and transfer to your BlackBerry. This process needs to be automatic. If you have to do it manually it really is less of a chore to just carry your iPod with you.