BlackBerry Master Control Program is one of those applications that isn’t for every BlackBerry user, however, if you are a moderate to power user, one of those folks who regularly installs leaked OSs and every cool looking BlackBerry application just to test it out, or someone who needs to easily create screenshots of your device, this is the program for you.

BlackBerry Master Control Program 0.9.2 Beta 10 has just been released and its creators have added a ton of new features:

  • MCP gets a major facelift!  Brand new graphics for the navigation panel and installers! – Thanks Shane!!!
  • Save Modules now allows user to create ALX/JAD for saved modules
  • Added Backup & Restore for third party applications (2 clicks)
  • Added ALX/JAD Builder with drag & drop window for building the module list
  • System tray icon right click context menu updated
  • By default MCP minimizes to taskbar now, not the system tray (clean installs only)
  • Left side navigation panel reduced number of icons dramatically (it was too cluttered)
  • Auto PIN checking is now at 3 seconds (clean install)
  • OS Management:  Added “Delete JVM” checkbox (if checked Application Loader will start with the /nojvm parameter which will destroy JVM on the device)
  • OS Management:  Added “Full Wipe” checkbox (if checked Java Loader will “Wipe” the device destroying any existing IT Policies prior to the OS installation)
  • Navigation:  Load/Erase/Save Modules used to be “hidden” under the “Java Loader” page, they are now in the main navigation area
  • MCP Engine updated to Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 4

BlackBerry MCP is one heck of a program and you absolutely cannot beat the price.  BlackBerry MCP is free, however, it’s creators do accept donations and I strongly recommend that you do if you find MCP useful.  You can download BlackBerry Master Control Program 0.9.2 Beta 10 here