I am in the market for a new home PC and I have been looking at the usual suspects, Dell, HP, Sony, AlienWare, etc. Being the BlackBerry addict that I am, I, of course, related buying a new PC to buying a new smartphone. That was when I realized that the BlackBerry is the Macintosh of smartphones.

There was a time when I was a diehard Mac user. It would have been a cold day in you know where before you could have pried my PowerBook 520c from my hands to replace it with a PC. 15 years later, I cannot imagine only owning a Mac, and to be honest, the only reason that I would ever buy one, is because, I think they are cute and it would be more for decoration than anything else. (Before all the RIMarkable readers that use a Mac flame the heck out of me, let me just say that I think that Mac, hands down, is a better computer than a PC, it is just not practical for me personally because I could get away without having a Mac but couldn’t get away without having a PC)

So, you are probably asking what this has to do with the BlackBerry. Well, the reason that I am such a diehard BlackBerry user is because, like my PowerBook from 15 years ago, it does for me what no other device can as effectively and reliably as it does. This, however, like with the Macintosh, won’t always be the case for the BlackBerry. In fact, I think that this won’t be the case probably sooner than later.