Our friends over at MIBlackBerry.com told us to check out the Globe and Mail piece by Mike Hartley about Wireless transfers to your BlackBerry from your desktop. BlackBerry Home Server, as RIM has dubbed it, is the coolest non-device BlackBerry news that we’ve heard of in a while.

BlackBerry Home Server will be software component that BlackBerry users install on their PC or laptop that would have access to RIM’s backend servers. Drop file on your computer, upload it to RIM’s NOC, and then your files are wirelessly transferred to your BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Home Server client also allows you to manage your digital media like you can in iTunes. How cool would an iTunes-like BlackBerry Media Manager be that wirelessly synchs your media to your BlackBerry?

It doesn’t look like Research in Motion is going to lay down in front of Apple in the consumer market any time soon.