I am on the record for stating that I just can’t see ever trying to use my BlackBerry like I do my iPod Video. One reason I won’t use for not doing so, however, is that the data transfer is too slow.

EETimes did a comparison 4 popular mobile devices including the BlackBerry 8120, a 4 gig iPhone, the Motorola Razr 2, and the Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman. It is pretty much safe to say that the BlackBerry blows everything else away.

It took only 36 seconds to transfer a 552.5 megabyte movie to the BlackBerry via it’s USB cable using File Transfer. The next best was the Sony Ericsson W910i coming in at 1:56 and that was using an external memory card reader.

Believe it or not, the iPhone was the slowest device. It took over 3 minutes, 3:52 to be exact to download the same 552.5 megabyte movie that only took the BlackBerry 36 seconds.

I haven’t used the Sony Ericsson phone, however, the article more or less said that the interface isn’t all that great I have used the other three devices and iTunes, by far, is the best interface for transferring files in my opinion.