BlackBerry released it’s Q1 Fiscal 2014 earnings report, and, to make a long story short, the company missed it’s targets.

It turns out that BlackBerry is not doing a little better we thought it would and the market is punishing the stock for it, down over 20% in pre-market trading.

Billionaire investor Tom Barrett is on Squawk Box this morning and when asked his opinion on BlackBerry he simple said, “It’s Over“.

Now, whether this is the case for BlackBerry or not remains to be seen, but, the signs of turning things around aren’t good when a prototypical BlackBerry user like Tom Barrett, someone who still carries a BlackBerry and wants the company to do well, is calling it over…

The one ray of hope for BlackBerry is that the Q10, the new BlackBerry 10 device with QWERTY keyboard and the device that many die-hard BlackBerry users have been waiting for, just came out this month and is not included in BlackBerry’s Q1FY2014 results.