Games on Deck recently an interview with Magmic Games CEO, John Criswick, and Nicholas Reichenbach, VP of BPlay, Magmic’s BlackBerry games only distribution portal. Together, Magmic Games and Bplay accounts for 70% – 80% of the BlackBerry games market.

The number of BlackBerry devices out there compared to feature phones is a rounding error comparatively, thus, the BlackBerry games market is pretty small… less than one percent of the mobile game business. Even though the BlackBerry games market is small, BlackBerry gamers tend to play twice as many games as feature phone gamers.

BlackBerry users have a
6-7% penetration on mobile games, while feature phones have only 2-3%. So 6-7% of all BlackBerry users play games.

I wonder if now that consumers are really starting to pick up BlackBerry devices if we will see percentage of BlackBerry gamers go up?