So, I’ve been playing Marble Trap from Nickel Buddy for the passed few days and as the second game that I know of that makes use of the BlackBerry Storms accelorometer, it’s not bad…  Not bad at all.

The first thing that you should note about Marble Trap is that it is a puzzel game, not an arcade game.  You don’t just try to roll the marble towards the hole and balance it in.  You actually have to figure out how line the marble up with the hole from its resting spot by making several moves around the board.

Marble Trap is a game of logic. To play the game, you will move the marble up, down, left or right, and the marble rolls until it hits something or rolls off the board. This game is a test of your thinking skills, not your reaction speed.

Mobile Trap will set you back $9.95, however, there is a free trial for you to try out.  You can check it out here