Today is BlackBerry Friday. The day that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion possibly finds out it’s fate here in the United States. The latest episode in the NTP vs. RIM patent infringement case airs today when Judge James R. Spencer passes down his judgement on a possible injunction that could prevent BlackBerry devices and service from being sold in the United States.

I’ve been on the record many, many times stating that I don’t think that RIM will be shutdown and I still don’t. That doesn’t mean that an injunction won’t be imposed however. So far, I like Russell Shaw’s peek into the future as to what will happen.

Judge James Spencer is going to issue an injunction suspending BlackBerry sales and services in the U.S. Judge Spencer will, however, stay the injunction for a 60 day period.

The big question that I have if Russell is indeed right about how things go down is, “How will it be different than what is already going on?” RIM has already had injunctions barring the sale of BlackBerry devices and Service in the United States, but they have been stayed as well pending their appeals.

I know that Judge Spencer has become impatient with both NTP and RIM and wants to get this case off of his docket, however, I bet the whatever his decision is today, it won’t be the last time he rules on this case.