There have been a lot of rumors flying around the BlackBerry world in the passed few weeks and I have done my fair share of water cooler talk, but, after yesterday’s earnings call, we should probably take a look at the score card and see what rumors were fact, what rumors were fiction, and what rumors still should be rumors.

Lets start with the biggest rumors first and work ourselves down the list.

  1. BlackBerry 8700 to be announced — Well, we got this one completely wrong, however, there is still hope. This thing may yet still come out in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Lets keep this marked down as a rumor.
  2. BlackBerry Connect in the United States — This one is a fact. We first heard about BlackBerry Connect on the Nokia 9300 back in August.
  3. BlackBerry Connect for the Palm Treo — This one will have to stay in the rumor category. I thought this one would have been a sure thing for yesterday seeing how just weeks before the earnings call, Jim Balsillie, RIM co-CEO, was quoted saying that Blackberry Connect for the Treo was coming out this fall.
  4. BlackBerry 7100i — Didn’t really think that this one was coming out yesterday. Now I am wondering if it will even be called the 7100i or instead, maybe the 7105i.

There may be more rumors that were proven true or debunked based on yesterday’s call but I think that these were the major ones. The next BlackBerry Rumor-Mill post that I put here on RIMarkable will probably be about the new BlackBerry that will have:

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infra-red, and smoke signals
  • Run Windows Vista for BlackBerry
  • Have SDio and mini SD slots on the top and a Mini Blue-Ray disk slot at the bottom
  • Solar powered battery charger with a fuel-cell configuration for Alaska during the winter months
  • AM / FM turner with XM satellite receiver
  • Fine Corinthean leather carrying case

Built-in iPod didn’t make the list becasue Steve Jobs wanted to change the name to the iBlackBerry.