If you are a Novell GroupWise user you may already know that you couldn’t get your BlackBerry to do all the cool things that your friends at other companies that use Lotus Notes or Exchange could get their BlackBerrys to do. That is because, until a few months ago, there was no BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for Novell GroupWise. The days of GroupWise Administrators having to set up a completely different mail system for Executives just so they could use a BlackBerry are over. Those Admins should also have to worry less about individual users forwarding all of their company email to personal email accounts so that they could use BlackBerry Internet Service on their own. I’ll bet one of the longest lines at this weeks Novell BrainShare 2005 conference will be right in front of the Research in Motion booth as GroupWise customers line up to discuss deployments of BES in their organizations.