has gotten there hands on the spec sheet for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP2 and have posted it online.

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Performance & Platform Enhancements

Enhanced Performance and Expanded Certification
• Enhanced performance to an Exchange BES
  • BES no longer writes updates statistics for user mailboxes is to Reduce the load on the Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Contributes to lower TCO messaging
Additional Platform Certification
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 *
  • MS Hyper-V 2008
Expanded Web Browser Support
Expanded Support for the Following Web Browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6
  • Google Chrome 4.0
  • Safari 4 (For Mac)
Administration BlackBerry Administration Service
Simplified usability and control from the management console
  • Pre-defined groups added That administration can be used to support best practices
  • IT Policy Reconciliation added to Simplify assignment policy is user accounts and groups
  • Better controls for searching and Displaying user information
  • Calendar Slow Sync Forced That ensures users will have a calendaring Consistent experience (Domino Only) *
BAS Administration Enhancements (Continued) Simplified administration of BlackBerry users and domains
More BlackBerry Domain-wide configuration settings
  • SQL Mirroring now configured at the domain level
  • BAS administer communication protocols at the domain level
Additional domain wide administration tool to Simplify user administration
  • BlackBerry Domain Search
Monitoring the BlackBerry Monitoring Service (BMS)
UI Improvements, additional metrics and reporting
  • BMS Improvements – layout of the information Improved
  • Additional metrics, reports and Notifications introduced to help monitor the system health
    • Average latency Checks in coverage for devices
    • Monitoring and notification of uninitialized users
    • Pending messages per server
Enhanced Logging meeting Security & Compliance Needs
  • Logging Enhancements
  • Expanded Ability to control maximum age of daily logs for all components logged via the console BAS
  • Logging for the BlackBerry Server Configuration panel added
  • New URL Based RSA Authentication
  • More control over two-factor authentication, RSA
End-User Enhancements
Improved BlackBerry Experience
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • User self-service tools
  • Enhanced BlackBerry experience
  • Message pre-POPULATION is a device
  • Expanded capacity for calendar entries
Single Sign On (SSO) – Seamless access the BAS site
Desktop and enterprise resources
  • Integrated authentication for the Web Desktop Manager
  • Integrated authentication, the BAS will save time for administrators
  • Integrated authentication from the BlackBerry is an enterprise access resources (MDS-CS SSO)
User Self Service Reducing Overall Costs
Web Desktop enhancements:
  • New Capabilities for managing devices introduced
  • Secure a lost device, Including the Ability to set password and lock
  • BlackBerry if it is lost or stolen
  • Delete all device data and disable the device
  • Improved Organization of controls in the Web Interface GUI Desktop
Enhanced BlackBerry Experience
  • Device activation enhancement
  • Message pre-POPULATION limits have been increased to 30 days worth of mail messages or 3000
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server will now display the ‘junk’ email folder for Enterprise Activation messages
  • Full body of email messages sent from the desktop to the device Delivered
  • Calendar entry body size increased was able to get there hands on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 SP2 Spec sheet and have posted details online.

Check it out after the jump.