Not a week ago week ago we told you that BES 5.0.1 for Novell GroupWise was coming soon and it has now been officially released.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.1 for Novell GroupWise features include:

  • BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS), a new Web based architecture that provides advanced server manageability
  • Full Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Integration. SOAP provides server-side access to Novell GroupWise data, and it uses industry standards to directly communicate with the Novell GroupWise Post Office Agent.  Installation of the Novell GroupWise client is no longer required on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Built-in High Availability, reduces down time by enabling automated failover of components, therefore allowing quick and seamless recovery from unplanned events
  • End to End Security including AES or Triple DES encryption and 450+ over-the-air wireless IT policies and commands
  • End User Feature Enhancements like remote file access, flag for follow-up, email folder management, Open Document Format (ODF) attachment support as well as support for multiple personal address books help increase productivity of mobile users