We have a great BlackBerry Deal of the Day to close out the month of August.  Tether for BlackBerry, one of our top 5 selling BlackBerry applications, is on sale for $24.97, 50% of the regular price.  I will go on the record and say that if you have a BlackBerry and you have a laptop, PC or Mac, Tether for BlackBerry is simply a must have application.

Why pay a monthly fee to your carrier to use their BlackBerry tethering service when you can just purchase Tether for BlackBerry one time and use the data connection your BlackBerry already has to get your laptop onto the internet?  At the 50% off price of $24.97, Tether for BlackBerry will cost you less that 2 months of tethering service from your wireless carrier, a few days of internet access in a hotel, or even several hours of service while stuck in an airport.

Tether for BlackBerry is an awesome BlackBerry application that I personally use and recommend to any BlackBerry user with a laptop.  You don’t, however, have to take my word for it…  Tether for BlackBerry offers a free trial.  It will take you less than 10 minutes to download, install, and configure Tether so just test it out for yourself.  Don’t forget, however, that the Deal of the Day ends at midnight tonight, so, if you want to get Tether for BlackBerry for just $24.97, 50% off the regular price, you have to purchase today…

Download Tether for BlackBerry for $24.97, 50% off the regular price!