I posted a comment on BlackBerry Cool about a new application that I wish would come out for the BlackBerry.  I decided to blog about it here because it is a good idea even if it doesn’t win the Weekend Contest.

One of the things that I miss about my old Ipaq was the ability to transfer contact info with other people that had PDAs with infra-red or Bluetooth.  More often than not, people you meet at business functions or networking events have a BlackBerry or some other type of PDA.  The business card shuffle is okay when you are just trying to exchange your own information, but, if you want to give information of a colleague, you have to resort to sending a full email or writing it down on the back of your card or a cocktail napkin.

I think that an application that would allow BlackBerry Users to transfer contact information easily an securely over Bluetooth would be a welcome addition to the list of apps that come standard on Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry handhelds.