BlackBerry continues to innovate in order to make your work and play life much easier. With the BlackBerry Blend software, you are able to expand your BlackBerry 10 device options and features cross platform to take full advantage of you tablets, PC and Mac devices. 

You have the option to blend at work, home and while mobile knowing that you are very secure while using BlackBerry Blend on your additional devices. I have put together a demo video showing BlackBerry Blend running on an iPad Mini with i0S 8 installed. 

I also have provided an additional link below that goes into more detail concerning the uses and features of BlackBerry Blend. Currently in order to use BlackBerry Blend you must have a BlackBerry Passport device and or the BlackBerry Porsche P’9983 running the latest BB10 OS. 

*UPDATE- Make sure you have the BlackBerry Blend client opened for full access when using it on any device.

Enjoy the demo!