BlackBerry App World v3.1 is now available for download in BlackBerry Beta Zone and contains a few new features including Wi-Fi only download support and content ratings.

Unfortunately we must also report that Research in Motion has included the most  bass-ackwards implementation of application gift requesting imaginable.  Instead of allowing a gift giver to initiate the process of giving of a BlackBerry app to someone, BlackBerry App World v3.1 instead allows users that want gifts to beg for them via BBM.

I can honestly tell you that the first time that I ever receive an unsolicited gift request from a BBM contact will be the last time I ever use BBM and possibly BlackBerry App World.  Let’s hope that RIM kills the gift begging feature in BlackBerry App World v3.1 before it becomes officially available, or, at the very least, adds the ability to opt out of being begged by contacts to buy them apps.