RIMarkable_app_storeThere are rumors floating around that BlackBerry App World will start offering BlackBerry Themes for download on November 9th.  I never really understood why, with the popularity of BlackBerry Themes, App World didn’t offer them from the time that they first launched, but, for whatever reason that this was the case, it looks like RIM has gotten over it.

For those of you that don’t want to wait until RIM gets around to letting you download themes directly to your BlackBerry via BlackBerry App World, you should really check out the RIMarkable App Store powered by Mobihand.  Like App World, the RIMarkable App Store allows you to browse, download, and install from a huge selection of FREE! and premium BlackBerry applications and we already have access to thousands of BlackBerry themes that you can download over the air directly to your device.

The RIMarkable App Store is free.  A boatload of the applications and themes are free.  Check it out.  Just head over to http://store.rimarkable.com/appstore from device or desktop and download the RIMarkable App Store directly to your device.