One of the big shortcomings of BlackBerry App World is that the only way to view the catalog of available applications was through the actual BlackBerry App World application on your device.  There is no way to view App World via the Web.

This, at least, was the case until today as Research in Motion now allows you to browse the entire BlackBerry App World catalog via the web.

All BlackBerry App World applications must still be downloaded via the client on your BlackBerry, however, you can send yourself a link to any application that you browse via the web and would like to download.

A nice feature to add would be the ability for you to log in and create an account.  As App World gets bigger the ability for it to predict applications that you might like based on previous applications that you have downloaded would be beneficial.  Additionally, not all applications run on all BlackBerry devices so a section that tells you supported devices under each app would be nice.  Maybe even highlight your device if supported and you are logged in.

BlackBerry App World still has a long way to go, but, it is an awful lot better than what RIM initially launched.