There is no doubt that most BlackBerry implementations are considered mission critical applications, but, do IT shops allocate resources to them as such?

I remember having lunch with 3 “BlackBerry Administrators” a while back and one of the things that I noticed during our conversation was that not one of them officially had the title of BlackBerry Administrator nor did any of them embrace the title that I casually threw their way. It was as though they just happened to be the guy that knew the most about BlackBerrys within their messaging group of their various organizations.

It reminded me of when I first got into IT during the old days of Windows NT administration back in the early to mid nineties. When Microsoft Exchange first came out there was no such thing as an Exchange Administrator. There was the NT Administrator that knew that most about Sendmail or MS Mail that added the feather of Exchange guru to their hat.

Today, of course, Exchange Administrator is a job title and career path in its own light. Has this become the case for the BlackBerry Administrator?