Gayle Porter, Associate Professor of Management at the Rutgers-Camden School of Business, you know, the researcher that says that BlackBerrys are addictive and that if you become hooked, your company could be liable, was on MSNBC’s Squawk Box this morning.

Let’s see… I pretty much check my BlackBerry whenever an email comes in. I use my BlackBerry for work in the evenings and on the weekends for. If I forget my BlackBerry at home, I feel crappy about it. I even wrote a post about being addicted to my BlackBerry almost a year a go.

I don’t, however, check email while in mid sentence, shun away from normal human interaction for using my BlackBerry, and have the ability to go for extended periods of time (days or weeks even) without having my BlackBerry within in 30 feet.

I probably don’t have a case.