There are a lot of really good big brand name BlackBerry cases and skins out there. The only problem, usually, with a big brand name case is that it often carries a big brand name price tag. I’ve gotten numerous emails from BlackBerry users looking for a really good case, but, not wanting to spend as much or more on a BlackBerry case as they did their BlackBerry.

If you are an original BlackBerry Storm user, the Executive Leather Shell from Mobi Products just may fit the bill.  The Executive Leather Shell is only $9.95, and, I have to to admit, when compared to some brand name cases costing $30 or more, is a pretty darn good BlackBery case.

The Executive Leather Shell is a two piece BlackBerry case that offers almost complete protection for your BlackBerry Storm.  Only the side buttons and the screen are left unprotected.  The back plate is made of a hard, but, flexible plastic shell overlaid with genuine leather.  The front plate is a bit less rigid providing a rubbery feel and complete protection of the front and sides of your BlackBerry Storm.

The Executive Leather Shell for BlackBerry Storm doesn’t provide a belt clip, however, it is quite thin for a hardshell case and doesn’t feel bulky while in your pocket.  The stylish design and touch of leather on the back plate quickly make you forget that this case only costs $9.95 + shipping and handling.

You can get more information about the Mobi Products Executive Leather Shell for the BlackBerry Storm in the RIMarkable Accessories Store.