The Boy Genius is reporting that the upcoming BlackBerry 8820 will have Wi-Fi. Leave it to BG to scrutinize the device.xlm file that comes with OS from Cingular. Notice the highlighted section in the device.xml file above. You will notice that the os radio =”GPRS-WLAN”.

What does this mean? Well, while the details may not be completely clear and one hundred percent correct, but it shows that it will have a GPRS/WLAN radio stack, a first for BlackBerry devices, as well as the customary support for voice-activated dialing and push-to-talk capabilities. Unfortunately, one feature it does not list is the camera, so let’s rule out this device for that 8800 series CameraBerry model.. for now, of course.

So, in English, the BlackBerry 8820 will have Wi-Fi, won’t be 3G, and won’t have a camera. If I were going to get another cameraless BlackBerry on Cingular (no way in the world I would ever do this) I would hold of on the BlackBerry 8800 for a BlackBerry 8820.

BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8820