is selling the BlackBerry 8800 for $124.99 with a $25 mail-in-rebate when you sign up for an AT&T service plan. Is it just me, or is that an incredibly low price for a device that just came out a few weeks ago?

We often see the big price cuts, especially from the big online retailers, right before a new BlackBerry is released. The BlackBerry 8800, however was released 3 weeks ago. Could the BlackBerry 8300 be just right around the corner? Could it be that consumers sales of the BlackBerry 8800 are lackluster and Amazon wants to get rid of its inventory well before release dates for the 8300 are leaked all over the internet?

I bet that it is probably a bit of both. Even still, if you want to get a tweener device between the BlackBerry 8700 and the BlackBerry 8300, $99.99 even for a BlackBerry 8800 is not a bad price. Not a bad price at all.

BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8300