Sprint and Research in Motion today announced the launch of the BlackBerry 7100i for the Nextel National Network.

The BlackBerry 7100i features a high-resolution color display (240 x 260 pixels) to view Web pages, pictures and attachments in full, vibrant color. The BlackBerry 7100i also incorporates SureTypeTM keyboard technology. SureType effectively converges a phone keypad and a QWERTY keyboard to fit elegantly within the size of a traditional wireless phone form factor. Through an integrated keyboard and software system, SureType provides users with an instinctively familiar look and feel and enables them to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably. The BlackBerry 7100i can also support full wireless synchronization of calendar, contacts, notes and tasks as well as text messaging and the ability to send, receive and store pictures.

The BlackBerry 7100i has all the features that we have come to know and love about the candybar style BlackBerry 71xx Series devices but also offers Nationwide Walkie-Talkie capabilities to other Nextel users. Additionally, the BlackBerry 7100i offers GPS technology for real-time, audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions.

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