There is no question that Research in Motion is “all in” when it comes to its next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system.

BlackBerry 10 must be a huge hit for RIM to have any shot of turning things and remaining a viable handset maker as we know the company today.

Unfortunately for RIM, BlackBerry 10 success only provides RIM a shot at turning things around…  There is no guarantee, and, from the way things are trending lately, that shot may be a long shot in the dark at best…

BlackBerry 10 has a lot of ground to make up…

When BlackBerry 10 launches it will be in a distant 5th place to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and even the current BlackBerry OS.  BlackBerry 10 will be a 1.0 release with very few apps, and, no matter how good it may be, could take years to move into even 3rd place.

Android and iOS combined have over 82% market share and will be around well beyond the foreseeable future.  Windows Phone is currently behind BlackBerry OS, but, will enjoy a significant lead over BlackBerry 10 when it comes out, not to mention that Microsoft is joining Windows Phone and Windows 8 at the hip.

BlackBerry 10 will soon join a game dominated by two players with a third that has essentially infinite resources to keep itself in play.  Regardless of how good BlackBerry 10 may or may not be, there simply may not be room for a 4th player.