Last week a co-worker that currently uses a BlackBerry Torch asked me how BlackBerry 10 was doing and if I thought he should move to BlackBerry Q10, or, finally switch to Android or the iPhone.

After thinking about it, I had to admit that BlackBerry 10 is doing a little better than many, including myself, thought it would.

It looks like RBC analyst, Mark Sue feels the same way as he has raised his firm’s estimates on BlackBerry 10 shipments from 11 million  by the end of the year to 14 million and has expressed optimism that “near-term profitability looks attainable.”

Now, 14 million BlackBerry 10 devices shipped in it’s first 11 months doesn’t quite compare with 5 million iPhone 5 devices sold in it’s first 3 days or 10 million Samsung Galaxy S4s  sold in 28 days, but, it is a big enough number to keep it in a conversation about third place right along with Windows Phone.

[Via Financial Post]