I just received an interesting email letting me know about Best Buy Mobile’s new free Mobile-Web Connected Cloud Server, mIQ, (press release here) which will launch next Monday, October 12th.

The mIQ service allows smartphone users to take the information captured on their mobile devices and access it from an easy-to-use Web interface on any computer. Once a user signs up for this free service – contacts, text messages, calendar events, calls, photos, videos, and phone settings – are seamlessly uploaded from the mobile device and safely backed-up in a personal mIQ account in the “cloud.”

To make a long story short, mIQ is kind of like Apple’s Mobile Me and Microsoft My Phone, which, by the way is currently being updated.  mIQ will initially support the BlackBerry, Nokia S60, and Windows Mobile and give you 1 gig of cloud disk space for free.

mIQ doesn’t go live until next Monday, October 12th, however, you can sign up to be notified once the service does go live via http://miqlive.com/home. When mIQ is launched users will be able to sign-up on the web, or if they buy a smartphone from Best Buy Mobile, have it installed in-store on their new device via Best Buy Mobile’s Walk Out Working program.