I am not exactly sure when, but, in the passed few days Beyond411, the latest version of Berry411 has been released.

If you have a BlackBerry Beyond411 is one free BlackBerry download that you just ought to have and you can’t beat the price.

Key Features:

  • Yahoo Local Yellow pages, maps, and driving directions.
  • Integrated with the Blackberry address book: Add results directly to your address book.
  • Interactive search suggestions save typing and include links to relevant yellow page searches, 1-800 numbers, mobile optimized web pages, podcasts, and reviews.
  • Find local stores and prices uses Yokel shopping search.
  • Search Google.
  • Get local sports, weather, and news.
  • Add new kinds of searches with search plugins.

You can download and install Beyond411 OTA directly to your blackberry by point your devices browser to thebogles.com/b411.jad.

Beyond411, Berry411