Rumors have been floating around over the last week that Telus woldn’t be the only BlackBerry Storm carrier in Canada and it would appear that those rumors were correct.

Bell has officcially announced that they will carry BlackBerry Storm and have put a up a “coming soon” site.

See what Bell has to say about the BlackBerry Storm after the jump…

The new BlackBerry® Storm™, coming soon from Bell.

The Storm — the first ever touch screen BlackBerry® smartphone — features a high resolution screen so you can surf the Internet in full HTML format.

And, its 3.2 megapixel camera has built-in flash and autofocus capabilities so you can capture the moment no matter where you are.

Best of all, you can take it anywhere. The BlackBerry Storm smartphone runs on the fastest, largest network across North America1 and works around the world on both CDMA and GSM networks.

Check back soon to find out how to get your own BlackBerry Storm from Bell.