When I checked my inbox this morning, I had an email from our friend Steve from BlackBerry Cool. He gave us the heads up on a new Digg style, social BlackBerry site about to launch called BBSocial.

BBSocial will pull feeds from sites like BBHub, BoyGeniusReport, BlackBerry Cool, and yours truly, RIMarkable. Members can also post links to other BlackBerry related stories around the we which can be voted in and promoted to the front page in a similar fashion to Digg.

Remember the days where most business would be discussed around the water cooler? Theres no business more important to us these days than BlackBerry business, and weve decided to make our own cooler to discuss the news. BlackBerry Social, located at BBSocial.com, is a site that gathers news from relevant sites, such as BlackBerry Cool, RIMarkable, and the Boy Genius Report, and compiles them onto one site for users to check out and discuss.

This isnt meant to replace the originators of the news, though. If anything, its to build their sites popularity and reputation as reputable news sources.

Were making this an open forum, too – readers can log in and post stories of their own. In a style similar to Digg, each submitted story is then subjected to a voting process where the more popular story gets pushed to the top while the rest flounder beneath. Want to see your story on the leader board? Make it worthwhile.
BlackBerrys are already a part of your business life, now make them social. BlackBerry Social.