bbmchannelsBBM Channels is now available in BlackBerry World. This is huge as it is now out of beta ready for the world to download and enjoy. Now I know many of you are asking just what is BBM Channels . Here is a quick overview of what BBM Channels is about.

“BBM Channels is a new social networking feature within BBM that extends the sharing experience beyond your friendship circle –allowing channel creators to amass an unlimited number of followers.”

  • Express yourself with BBM Channels.
  • Create, edit & publish content in an instant.
  • Connect to the people, communities and brands you love all across the world
  • Receive timely posts and participate by commenting on, liking and sharing posts.

This is a wonderful feature addition for BBM and it just adds to the awesome power that is BlackBerry Messenger. You can connect with your favorite brands, artist and people in real time with BBM Channels.  I plan on creating a RIMarkable Channel soon so be on the lookout for that. In the mean time you can subscribe to my already existing BlackBerry Hank Channel at PIN: C00076B01

I have added some tutorial videos below that will explain a little more in detail about BBM Channels, how to create and how to subscribe to a channel as well. This is very awesome folks with big time capabilities. No other messaging service offers what BBM offers to you as a consumer and professional.

Leave us some feedback and let us know what you think about BBM Channels!


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