For years BBM has been, unofficially, more than just an abbreviation for BlackBerry Messenger.  It’s been a noun:  “Hit me up on BBM.”  It’s been a verb:  “BBM me when you get here”.   It’s even been the title of a song

What BBM is today, however, is an official term in the Collins English Dictionary

The inclusion of BBM in the Collins English dictionary recognizes its status as one of the world’s most popular mobile social networks. In recent years, the term ‘BBM’ has transcended its technological origins to become a brand that is part of the everyday language of millions of people all over the world… We’re honoured that a word used daily by millions of our customers has been officially welcomed into the English language. — T.A. McCann, VP of BBM and Social Communities at Research in Motion

Despite the problems Research in Motion is having, BBM is not one of them.  BlackBerry Messenger is one of the most popular mobile IM clients in existence with over 56 million users, 70% of whom use it on a daily basis.

[Via Mobile Syrup]