Barnes & Noble recently announced that it has launched the worlds largest  e-bookstore with nearly 700,000 titles and a free eBook reader application called eReader for the BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPod touch with eReaders for a “bunch” coming in the following weeks.

The B&N eReader for BlackBerry can be downloaded by pointing your BlackBerry Browser to  eReader for Apple devices can be picked up on the App Store.  Once you’ve installed eReaderyou can enjoy these benefits:

  • Automatic downloads of your latest Barnes & Noble eBook purchases and samples
  • Access to download eBooks from your Online Library anytime
  • Bookmarks, note taking & highlight functionality
  • Lookup function for dictionary, Wikipedia or Google
  • Portrait or landscape display modes
  • Customizable font, margins and page gestures

There is no question that Barnes & Noble is going after the same market targeted by Amazon and the Kindle.

While Barnes & Noble does not offer a similar gadget, it announced a partnership with Plastic Logic, which is developing an e-book device that would compete with the Kindle. It is expected to be the size of a sheet of notebook paper and would have wireless download capabilities similar to the Kindle and be on the market in early 2010.

This isn’t Barnes & Noble’s first attempt at selling eBooks.  They actually got out of the business back in 2006, a year before the Amazon Kindle came out.  It will be interesting to see if they have a better go at this this time around.

[Source via IntoMobile]