BlackBerry users on Sprint and Verizon, especially, are used to waiting 8 to 10 months, sometimes even more than a year before new BlackBerry devices become available on their CDMA networks. There had been a ray of hope, however, that the recently leaked BlackBerry 8100 cameraphone, a.k.a. the CameraBerry, was going to to come out around the same time as it’s GSRM brethren.

Well, that ray of hope has been dimmed, as one of Russell Shaw’s informants has told him that the BlackBerry 8100 for T-Mobile and Cingular are pretty much ready, however, the Verizon version, and since Verizon and Sprint use the same gear one could assume the Sprint version as well, have experienced some “notable development delays“.

Russell’s theory is that the BlackBerry cameraphone engineer, who’s job posting we blogged about yesterday, will work on the CDMA version of the BlackBerry 8100. If you are just hiring someone to work on an upcoming device, that device is probably no where near being released.

Additionally, Russell, got an inside tip from one of his BBHub readers that is in-the-know stating that the Sprint BlackBerry 8100 won’t come out “this fall” which means more than 6 months away on the BlackBerry calendar where the time passes by a bit more slowly than the rest of the universe.