We see free BlackBerry deals all the time on sites like Amazon, Wirefly, and the like , however, it isn’t everyday that we see free BlackBerry deals directly on carrier sites. Yesterday only, AT&T gave away free Red BlackBerry Pearls to anyone one who wanted one and signed up to a free contract via their site.

I wonder if they did this 3 days too early?

Unless you haven’t seen any T.V, been on the internet, or read a magazine or newspaper you’ve probably heard about the iPhone which just happens to be coming out this Friday. The iPhone is definitely the most hyped mobile device ever and come this Friday, June 29th, AT&T stores will be flooded with people looking to get information on the iPhone.

Many of these people, myself included, will buy an iPhone. There will, however, be a large percentage of patrons will that will be in the buying mood, however, won’t purchase an iPhone simply because it is too expensive for a phone and their common sense will kick in before they shell out $500 to $600 bucks for a cell phone.

This, in my opinion, would be the perfect time time to offer a free BlackBerry because even with the higher than average service plan costs, a free BlackBerry Pearl looks awfully nice after the $500 to $600 reality of the iPhone kicks in.

Free Red BlackBerry Pearl