In the wake of Verizon’s announcement that they are opening up their network, AT&T jumped into the media saying, whatever you can do, we can do, and we can also do it better.

Well, they didn’t actually say that… What AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega did say, however, was:

You can use any handset on our network you want. We don’t prohibit it, or even police it. We are the most open wireless company in the industry.

Wow… AT&T claims that their network, which runs on a global open standard, is more open than everyone else. I bet you could even plop an AT&T SIM card in to an unlocked GSM phone and that puppy would fire right up on AT&T’s network.

Now that is a level of openness that you could only find on T-Mobile, pretty much every wireless carrier in Europe, Africa, Austrailia, Asia, Central and South America, and select luxury cruise lines.