Believe it or not, AT&T has stopped selling the iPhone online in the greater NYC Metropolitan are.  Fletcher Cook, an AT&T representative said that the the change is a routine one.  “We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels.”

I believe that about as much as I believe that the next version of the iPhone will come equipped with a site to site transporter.  The general consensus, one shared by at least a few AT&T sales representatives, is that AT&T’s network is just no longer capable of supporting additional iPhones.  Many would argue, myself included, that AT&Ts network has not been capable of supporting devices in general for quite some time.

I am sure that AT&T is doing everything they can to keep the iPhone exclusive on their network, however, I would think that no longer selling them in one of your largest markets is not helping much.

I know that a lot of iPhone users read RIMarkable, so, I will toss this question out there?  How many of you would switch to Verizon or Sprint if the iPhone were offered in a CDMA variant?