I don’t think that too many people that follow Research in Motion would be surprised if we told you that AT&T would be the first U.S. based wireless carrier to offer the BlackBerry Bold which was just officially announced earlier today. We can expect to see the Bold ship anywhere from within the next several weeks to, more probably, the next several months.

For me, the book is still out on the BlackBerry Bold. Although I’ve heard that the keyboard may not be quite bad as that found on the BlackBerry 8800 series devices, those keys look awfully crammed together. I cannot wait to here some of the reviews on the BlackBerry Bold keyboard that will come out of WES this week.

Just like we know that AT&T often gets new BlackBerrys first, Verizon usually gets them darn near last. Research in Motion staggers development of CDMA versions of new BlackBerry devices often by as much as a year after their GSM counterparts. We’ve already been asked the question “When will Verizon get the BlackBerry Bold?” at least a dozen times. All that I can say with a fair amount of certainty is that it will be a while.