Although AT&T hasn’t ever really just flat out offered pre-paid phone plans for the iPhone, there have been back door ways to getting pre-paid plans since day one. ( Purposely failing the credit check was my personal favorite ) All that is about to change, however, as it would appear that AT&T is throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to iPhone toting GoPhone users.

To make a long story short AT&T plans to phase out all pre-paid plans for iPhone users with the introduction of iPhone OS 3.0.  I say “plan” because I wonder if AT@T is really prepared to leave all that pre-paid revenue on the table for those iPhone users who truly couldn’t pass the credit check.  Will AT&T really tell current iPhone users willing to pay to continue using their iPhones but don’t qualify for long term contracts to take their business elsewhere?  I am not so sure.  Time, however, will definitely tell…