Well, they probably don’t want to take it away, however, I am sure that Atari would like to get paid royalties for BrickBreaker as well as Meteor Crusher. The company is claiming the games infringe on the copyrights of Breakout and Asteroids, respectively.

Fortunately for Research in Motion they’ve won the latest round in their legal dispute with Atari.

Last year, RIM asked the court for a declaration that its games do not violate the copyright on the classic arcade games that gobbled many a quarter in the 1970s. The Waterloo company says it filed the court action in response to legal threats from Atari, now based in New York.

Atari requested to have the court dispute dismissed or moved to the United States, however, Superior Court Judge Harvey Spiegel refused the request.

I can kind of see where Atari is coming from with Meteor Crusher, however, BrickBreaker, although is in the same genre as Breakout, the game really is different.