Rumors are floating around everywhere that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is going to release a BlackBerry with a built-in digital camera, a device I like to call the CameraBerry, sometime in the second half of the this year. All that I am asking is that when the CameraBerry actually does come out that it be at least 2 megapixels.

I just spent all weekend playing with the Sprint MM-800 from Samsung which has a 2 megapixel camera built into it and I honestly cannot tell the difference between pictures taken with it and a real digital camera. I would be willing to bet that if Research in Motion comes out with 2 megapixel CameraBerry that every real estate agent on the planet will buy one.

If the $23 dollar price increase to move from 1.3 to 2.0 megapixels makes the CameraBerry too expensive, just come out with two models and call the more expensive one the “Real Estate Agent” edition. As I said before, they will all buy one… Literally…

That Samsung phone takes great pictures. Better than you would ever need for anything on the web and 3″X5″s printed out on a photo printer look pretty darn good as well. The only problem is the interface for emailing the pictures is absolutely horrible when compared to the BlackBerry. It is so bad that it would keep me from buying the device.

If anyone from marketing department at Research in Motion is reading this, here is what you need to do. Take a BlackBerry 7130, add a 2 megapixel camera to it. Give one to Paris Hilton. Take paparazzi style picture of her using it and in the caption say “Paris is a CameraBerry Addict. (To all of Paris’ friends: You don’t have to worry about her address book getting posted to the internet again. This is BlackBerry)”

That device would sell like mad…

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