The iPhone is one of the most beautiful, functional, mobile devices ever created. You will be hard pressed to find a bad review written about the device this passed weekend. The iPhone’s interface can be summed up as “industry changing” and Apple will go on to sell quite of few of the most hyped mobile phones in history.

All that being said, Apple has left the door wide open for a competitor from the likes of Google or Microsoft and it really has little to do with the iPhone itself. Paternering with AT&T is the culprit.

To make a long story short, EDGE is flat out too slow. The iPhone at its core is a media device and when you are sitting in a Wi-Fi hotspot, is unlike any other mobile device that I’ve seen and worth every penny. When, however, you browse the web while on the EDGE network, it feels like using dial up.

In my opinion, the killer app for the iPhone is not the phone, it’s everything else, This is why I think that a Google Phone or a Zune Phone that is a superior mobile phone, can deliver a a similar web browsing experience, has a pretty good GUI interface, and allows you to use the killer app efficiently when not sitting in a Wi-Fi hotspot, has a real chance to succeed.

The key for Google, Microsoft, or any other competitor is to come out with such device before Apple hits critical mass with the iPhone. Seeing how over half a million iPhones were sold this passed weekend, someone needs to come out with a really cool device very soon.