Just last week I wrote a post about the iPhone that will be coming out early next year from Apple and how on the consumer side of things, the BlackBerry will have a bit of competition. Well, it looks like Apple has its eye on more than just the consumer that likes to listen to music and take a picture or two with their mobile phone.

Before the first version of the Apple iPhone is even officially announced, reports are stating that Apple already has the second version of the iPhone in the works and that the device will be much more like a smartphone such as the Blackberry than just a phone that plays music.

The iPhone version 2 will run Apple’s iChat software which enables audio and video conferencing. The iPod already has PIM functionality so it isn’t a stretch to believe that this will be included in the iPhone as well.

I don’t think that Research in Motion has to worry at all about corporate BlackBerry users switching to the iPhone, however, business people who may have used a Treo or Windows Mobile device in the passed may find the iPhone an attractive alternative to the BlackBerry.

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