Steve WozniakI’ve started receiving a lot of tweets about a Life Hacker interview that came out last Wednesday with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.  Believe it of not, the Woz uses a BlackBerry in addition to his iPhone.

For a while I was using a Razr for voice and messing with mobile devices, but now I’m traveling with an iPhone and a BlackBerry. I don’t use them very much for email, though, unless I’m detained for a long, unexpected stretch.

<sarcasm>Many reasonable iPhone users will concede that sending and receiving email on a BlackBerry is superior to what you can do on an iPhone.  Wozniak states that he rarely uses his iPhone or his BlackBerry for email.  If the Woz isn’t using his BlackBerry for email, might he have found a second thing that the BlackBerry does better than the iPhone?</sarcasm>

[Via LifeHacker]