BBHub, one of my favorite blogs, authored by one of my favorite tech bloggers, Russell Shaw, may be shut down at the end of the month according to a post by Nick Denton.

The Time Warner internet unit has told editors of smaller and unprofitable sites that they will be shuttered at the end of the month. So far, we’re hearing lesser-known titles such as BBHub, Divester, DV Guru and PVR Wire; do let us know about others, so we can establish a count.

Former owner of Weblogs Inc., Jason Calacanis believes that AOL will consolidate BBHub along with EngadgetHD into EngadgetMobile. Weblogs Inc. co-founder Brian Alvey, who is still with AOL, the company Weblogs Inc. was sold to for a reported $25 million, said that they did a survey to see which Weblogs Inc. blogs were consolidation candidates and AOL finalized the list and started letting bloggers know.

I won’t be talking about the specific blogs here. Many of these bloggers are already finding new gigs across the network on blogs like Engadget, Download Squad, Slashfood, Gadling, TV Squad and Blogging Stocks.

This isn’t a confirmation that BBHub is shutting down, however, all indications that one of the most informative sites about the BlackBerry and Research in Motion may be coming to an end…

If this is indeed the case, BBHub will be missed.