According to data just released by analytics firm Quantcast, Android and BlackBerry mobile web consumption in the month of February was up while that of the iPhone was down slightly.

Android’s share of North American mobile web consumption was up 8.3% from January 2010, to 15.2% of total mobile web consumption for the month of February. Apple’s iPhone OS share, which so far has seemed untouchable, dropped 3.2% from January to February 2010, while the share for RIM OS (Blackberry) grew 13.2% in that period, to 9.2%.

I wouldn’t start dropping stock in Apple (because of this news alone) as the results are pretty much expected and make sense.  The iPhone owns such a large part of the total market that any company which does something positive makes gains on Apple.

What will be really interesting to see  is this chart the month after the new BlackBerry Browser is released.

[Via Venture Beat]