Mobile software developer Virtual Views has just released BerryTunes, the first MP3 Player for the BlackBerry.

When I first read about BerryTunes on BBHub my first thought was “Finally, I can listen to music on my BlackBerry.” My second thought was, however, “Now that I can listen to music on my BlackBerry, will I really want to?”

Although I applaud the effort of Virtual Views to come out with a way to transfer MP3s to my BlackBerry, albeit only 12 MB or an hour’s worth of songs. Listening to music via the speakerphone just doesn’t sound all that appealing.

The limited memory and the audio quality of the speaker phone just don’t pass the bar. If you stroll through the electronics department of your neighborhood Wal-Mart you can find two or three MP3 players under $30 with 256 MB to 1 GB of storage that will play hundreds of hours of music through stereo headphones. These MP3 players are quite small as well so carrying them in addition to your BlackBerry isn’t really an issue.

Having the ability to play MP3s from your BlackBerry is kind of cool. Actually playing MP3s from your BlackBerry… Not so much. Not until a BlackBerry designed for MP3 playback comes out, that is…

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