Amazon has a heck of a deal going on Research in Motion’s latest and greatest device, the BlackBerry Curve, where they are paying customers $25.01, after rebates and and a new service plan, to take a BlackBerry Curve off of their hands.

We’ve seen Amazon offer these types of deals on BlackBerrys before, however, usually not so close to the launch of a device. One has to wonder if they are trying to unload as many BlackBerry Curves as they can before the iPhone, which, from what we’ve heard they will not carry, hits the streets.

I know that the Curve and the iPhone aren’t really supposed to be competitors, however, AT&T and Apple are about to start marketing the iPhone probably unlike any phone ever that has come before it and the BlackBerry Curve could get lost in the shuffle. AT&T still lists the BlackBerry Curve on their site for $200 bucks with a two year plan. Since, however, Amazon won’t carry the iPhone, they are making the BlackBerry Curve look as attractive as possible.

Amazon, BlackBerry Curve